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3D assets creation (modeling, UV, texture)
Crating rigs for characters and inanimate objects
Good knowledge of Unity's and Unreal's constraints (game engines)
Good knowledge of C# programming langage (UI programming and basic gameplay)
Creating particles in Unity

August 2018 - February 2022: Game Developper at Rokit Games
Formerly in the same sutdio: 3D Artist
Creating short animated 3D movies based on comics, such as Team Mobile or Heroes at Large.
April 2015 - June 2015:
[INTERNSHIP] Web Developper at Eponia
Website development for companies
April 2014 - June 2014:
[INTERNSHIP] 3D Modeler and Animator at the Laboratory for Psychophysics and Visual Perception (FaubertLab), Montréal
Creating and animating characters for an Unity application
April 2013 - June 2013:
Developper Web Internship at Cogitis
Developping an extranet for the company

2015 - 2017: 3D Modeling, Rigging, and Game Development (Studio M)
2014 - 2015: Bachelor's Degree in Digital Imaging (IUT of Arles)
2011 - 2014: 2-year Technical Degree in Digital Imaging (IUT of Le Puy-en-Velay)

2020 - 2021 : Black Bay, a 2D top-down pirate game
2016 - 2017: Voodoo Child prototype, a side-scrolling platformer
2014 - 2015: CARUS prototype, a First-Person Puzzle
2014 : Development of an application with Unity and a CAVE

2018: Playtester for Magic Design Studios' Unruly Heroes
2017: Voodoo Child was presented at the Ping Awards 2017, under the "Best Student Game"
2016: CARUS was presented at the Ping Awards 2016, under the "Best Student Game"

Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max
Adobe (Photoshop and After Effects)
Iclone and Character Creator

French : Mother Tongue
English : Professionnal

Status: job research

Welcome to my website!

Who am I?

My name is Kévin Gay, and I am currently employed as Game Developper at Rokit Games, in a small city near Toulon, France.
I am a graduate of Studio M, a school in Montepplier, where a did a training in Game art and Game Design. Before that, I did a two-year technical degree in Digital Imaging at the University Institute of Technology of Le Puy-en-Velay and a Bachelor's degree in Digital Imaging at the University Institute of Technology of Arles.

Apart from my studies, I also developped several things, from creating of Role-Playing Games (RPG) scenarios to participation in a GN (a life-sized RPG) or even creating web fictions and videos.

For later

Today, my goal is, down the line, to become a Technical Artist, who is the link between developers and artists, since I will use both the softwares used by the artists and the game engines available on the market.

My inspirations

I began to play videogames when I was very young.
Thanks to several games such as Tomb Raider, Sly Raccon or Kingdom Hearts and series like RWBY, I managed to develop my own universe and my own concepts.