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Duration of the project:  since August 2020

1 - What is RobZ?
2 - What I made
3 - Where to find RobZ?
4 - Other team members

Best Captains' Top 5 (for the Golden Run)​


What I made

When this game began, I was the only programmer on the team, so I did every programming aspects, from programming the gameplay loops to creating and programmin the user interfaces.
When another programmer came in, I was able to shift my focus to create small scripts that would give life to the world of this game : for exemple, creating NPCs that would populate the world and the player could interact with them, or even creating monsters that would one-shot kill the player if he went out of the map.

What is RobZ?

This project began in August 2020, while I was stil working for Studio Animation 3D (commercial name: Rokit Studios). At the beginning, it should have only been for Android phones, but it went through several changes: it went form Android phones, to Windows-only, then back to Android phones only, with the enconomic model of a pay-to-play.. The current iteration of this game is for Android phones and PC as a free-to play.
In its current state, the games has several gamemodes; 2 solo modes and 3 multiplayer modes:

    • First, the Golden Run mode. These merchant ships will have guards with them, and there's also ennemies on the map which will try to sink the player’s ship. Each time a merchant is boarded/sunk, a multiplier will increase, making enemies more powerful, and more numerous. However, when the player returns to his base to save his score, the multiplier will return to 1.
      The player will therefore have the following choice to make: does he want to continue looting merchant ships,  if it means losing everthing in the operation, or does he want to go slowly but surely?
    • The second solo mode is the Challenge mode. In this mode, the player will face waves of enemies who will constantly come to harass them. They must kill as many as possible before they ends up sinking under repeated assaults. Each time a certain level is reached, the player will gain a randomly selected power from a list, which may give him an advantage, or a disadvantage.

    The three multiplayer modes of the game are playable on all available cards, and the modes can be played up to 8 players (or 16 for Team Match mode)

    • The first multiplayer mode is Free For All, or FFA. The goal of this mode is very simple: players must reach a number of sunken ships in order to win the game.
    • The second mutiplayer mode is the Online Golden Run mode. The rules are based on Golden Run mode, and the winner is the player who will have buried the most gold when the counter reaches 0.
    • Finally, the latest multiplayer mode is the Team Match mode.  Each team has a reserve of ships, and the purpose of the mode is to reduce this reserve of ships to 0. The team that refuses is the one that still has boats in reserve.

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Where to find RobZ?

RobZ is currently available on two platforms : for PC and for Android.
If you click on the PC link, it will send you to the Starsheep website. From there, you will be able to download the game by clicking on the Windows symbol.
The Android link will send you to the Google Play page for RobZ.



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Other team members

Jérémy Wait: Project Lead, 2D Artist,, Game Designer, Composer
Kévin Renault: Lead Programmer, Online Programmer, Composer
Bérénice Lefevre: 2D Artist

You can also go to the Starsheep Studio website to learn more about RobZ and the other projects.

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