Duration of the project:  since August 2020

This project began in August 2020 and, at the beginning, it should have only been for Android phones.
In its current state, the games has several gamemodes:

  • First, the Golden Run mode. This mode is a solo scorer, so the player will have to make the highest possible score to be included in the rankings. The method is simple: merchant ships will appear at defined intervals and the player will have to plunder or kill them to pick up the gold and increase a multiplier. However, a higher multiplier will result in a more frequent appearance of enemy ships that will be more powerful.
    However, it is not enough to plunder or kill the merchant ships to record the score, the player must bring the gold back to its base to bury it. In doing so, he will lose the multiplier he had, and it will return to 1.
    The player will therefore have the following choice to make: does he want to continue looting merchant ships,  if it means losing everthing in the operation, or does he want to go slowly but surely?
  • The following mode is one of three multiplayer modes: the FFA or Free For All. The goal is very simple: the person who arrives first at the number of sunk boats required wins the game
  • The next multiplayer mode is one of the three multiplayer modes: the Online Golden Run. The winner is the one who will have buried the most gold when the time reaches 0.
  • The last multiplayer mode is Team Deathmatch.

Other team members:

Jérémy Wait: Project Lead/ 2D Artist
Kévin Renault: Lead Programmer

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